Keegan Hirst Player Sponsorship | Supporting Halifax RLFC

When we’re not sorting out event transport, Stagefreight makes some time for charitable work in our local community. We’re happy to announce our sport sponsorship of Keegan Hirst, a new player for Halifax Rugby League Club!

About Halifax Rugby League Club

Halifax RLFC was formed back in 1873. They were the first team to win the Yorkshire Cup in 1878, and were founding members of the Rugby League in 1895. From there they continued to be very successful, producing one of the best teams the early 20th century had to offer. The team also finished 4th in the 2018 Betfred Championship.

The Shay Stadium is Halifax RLFC’s home ground, and one of the leading grounds in British rugby league. It can hold over 14,000 rugby fans for each match.

About Keegan Hirst

Stagefreight are proud and excited to be sponsoring Keegan Hirst, the Halifax team’s newest player. Player sponsorships are a key way that local businesses can support Halifax RLFC.

Stagefreight's Ian Uttley and Keegan Hirst from Halifax RLFC
When Ian met Keegan


Keegan officially joined the team in September 2019, coming from the Super League team Wakefield Trinity. He has 300 career appearances under his belt, with 66 of these in the Super League! Keegan also has extensive championship experience with Batley and Featherstone; he’ll be with Halifax until 2021.

Keegan Hirst is sure to bring experience and leadership to the Halifax team. In an interview on the RLFC website, Keegan said:

I’ve really enjoyed my time so far here, I’ve come into a side that hasn’t had the best of seasons, but they are a great set of lads, and I am impressed with the club and I really want to play for Halifax. What they’ve got going on here is infectious and I want to be a part of that going forward.

The fans have been great so far, they’re quite vocal and I hope we can get back to winning ways and get plenty more Fax fans coming down to games to cheer the lads on.

Simon Grix, Halifax’s Head Coach, told the Halifax Courier:

He’s a real ‘one-hundred percenter’, always looking for that bit extra. He prepares properly and does whatever he needs to do in the best interests of the team.

In that regard, he walks the walk and he’s also prepared to talk the talk; if he sees someone who’s not doing everything they can, he’s not afraid to call them out.

Stagefreight’s Sports Sponsorship

Stagefreight’s Ian Uttley said:

We’re excited to be supporting Halifax RLFC. The new sponsorship plan is a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to get involved and to support a cracking club.

Keegan Hirst is an awesome rugby player and great bloke. Like Stagefreight he has a desire to succeed, which is great for the club. And we can’t wait to see him in action in 2020.

As an event transport company we’re keen to support sporting heroes, both on a local and national level. That’s why as well as sponsoring Keegan, we’re sponsoring the team’s training wrestling kits too.

Stagefreight has also sponsored motorcycling legend Steven Procter, who’s done us proud on the racing circuit.

Ian, Ross, Chris, Suzi, JP and Steve from Halifax RLFC
Perfect match – Stagefreight and Halifax RLFC
Stagefreight and Halifax RLFC laughing
We even had a proper good laugh 
Halifax RLFC wrestling kit
Nice bit of kit that
Stagefreight and Halifax RLFC group shot
All lined up

The Event Transport Experts

We’re proud to #BackTheFax as part of our sport sponsorship, and we’d like to wish Halifax a great 2020 rugby season.

We have plenty of experience with live event logistics, and we’re here to help if you’d like to put on an event.

Before we arrive at the event, we’ll plan the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient route to you. Not only does this save you money, but it ensures all of your equipment arrives on time, every time.

We know how important timing is to live events, and our experienced lead driver carefully plans trailer arrival for each job. This ensures each trailer arrives exactly when you need it.

If you need any help with lighting choices, our drivers can offer advice based on their expertise. If you have a stage that needs building, they can even help your own team put it together!

Get in touch with us now by visiting our Contact Us page. Alternatively, you can ring us directly by calling 0113 797 898.

Calling our fans to help us with the Yorkshire Choice Awards

The Yorkshire Choice Awards celebrate Yorkshire’s finest achievements, from both local people and independent businesses.

We at Stagefreight are proud that our event transport company has been nominated for this year’s Customer Service Award.

Since the number of public votes determines the winner, we’d love it if you gave us your vote this year.

Voting through the official page is the only way to make your vote count. The Yorkshire Choice awards don’t accept postal votes or emails with voting intentions, and they don’t shortlist anyone during the public vote either.

You can vote for us by heading to the official Vote Here page.

Votes close on Friday the 1st of February, 2020.

Yorkshire Choice awards vote for me badge

The Yorkshire Choice Awards also support local charities; 2020’s charity is Simon on the Streets.

This homeless charity offers street-based support for people across Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield.

They also help people understand the root causes of homelessness that affect the people they help.

Learn about what we’ve been up to recently by visiting the Our Work page.

You can—of course—vote for people in the other categories. However, remember that you can only vote once on the form from your IP address.

Wish us luck!

Our eco-friendly stage trucking fleet

Over the last few years, Stagefreight has worked to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. To do this, we’ve taken a close look at the backbone of our business—our trucks, and the people who drive them! In this article we’ll go through the nuts and bolts of our green initiative, as well as our successes and our plans for the future.

Where the eco-friendly stage trucking fleet started

Stagefreight’s green fleet started with our Euro 6 cab units; we’ve gone from a single Euro 6 truck to several in the last three years. These units are incredibly fuel efficient, meeting the following emissions standards:

CO: 0.50g/km

HC + NOx: 0.17g/km

NOx: 0.08g/km

PM: 0.005g/km

PN [#/km]: 6.0×10 ^11/km

The Stagefreight trucking fleet green initiative

To make a dramatic reduction in our carbon emissions, we set out to fill our entire fleet with Euro 6 cab units. Today, our entire fleet consists of Mercedes-Benz Actros 1845 and Renault T High cab units.

Mercedes-Benz Actros 1845 fleet

Our Mercedes Actros 184 cab units come with  Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearboxes, and reduce fuel consumption by up to 1.5% as standard. They are up to two miles per gallon ahead of their competitors.

Actros units come with exhaust gas recirculation that results in less nitrogen oxide—and fewer particulates—being produced during combustion. Each unit comes with a diesel particulate filter which almost entirely prevents particulate emissions, as well as an optimised volume control unit that injects AdBlue® into the exhaust gas flow.

Our Stagefreight trucks are 13L at 330kw. We also decided to add the Active Brake Assist 4 autonomous technology, which was an optional extra. We felt it was essential for both our Health and Safety policy, as well as our larger environmental plans.

Renault T High fleet

In early 2019, we invested in new Renault T High trucks. Each one offers fuel savings of up to 3%, and comes with Optivision, a GPS-driven cruise control. This give drivers an accurate picture of the road topography and other journey information, and make eco-friendly driving much easier. The trucks also won the 2019 Export Freight Fleet Truck of the Year Award, making them a fine addition to our fleet.

However, we didn’t stop at our cab units. Our green initiative took a much broader approach, including our trailers and our team’s overall job approach.

Lightweight trailers

Our trailers are 8% lighter than the standard trailer model. However, each one has the same 44 tonne capacity of a standard trailer. We also brake-test each trailer on our rolling road, every three months as a minimum.

The whole team’s green commitment


As part of our overall green initiative we train all of our drivers to drive in a fuel-efficient, eco-friendly manner. Each driver must complete this training before going out on the road, and they receive a certificate to show their efficiency in this driving method.

In addition, all of our team have signed the company’s “no engine idling” policy. This means that all our drivers switch off their engines within three minutes of their engine being idle. When we combine this with our eco-friendly driver training, this helps to reinforce our team’s eco-conscious mindset.

2019’s best eco-friendly fleet of the year

Our strategic investment and training resulted in a big win for our company! We received the Best Eco-Friendly Fleet of the Year award for 2019 from SME News. You can read more about our win in our earlier article on the subject.

What’s next for this eco-friendly stage trucking fleet?

We’re staying committed to our green initiative, but we’re also going to look for other ways we can reduce our environmental impact. In the short term, we’ll continue training our drivers in eco-friendly practices. We’ll be adding more urban trailers to our fleet, which are lighter and more suitable for city traffic. We’ll also consider adding more cab units to our fleet, provided they meet or exceed the standards of our current ones.

We’re also thinking of expanding our premises. We’ll be opening an additional warehouse in Leeds in the future, and we’ll be recruiting even more drivers to help us build upon our current success!

As you can see, Stagefreight is taking its environmental commitments very seriously, thanks to the eco-friendly stage trucking fleet and company-wide green initiative. We’re making improvements in every aspect of our business, but we’re always keen to see what else we can change going forward. By working with us on your next event, you’ll be able to make major reductions in your own carbon footprint as well.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do, you can read our About Us and Our Policies sections for more information. You can also reach us by phone on 0113 797 898.

Biggest truck and automotive shows of 2020

Last year, we took a closer look at European automotive shows for 2018. However, the automotive landscape has changed quite a bit since then. That’s we’ve decided to put together a new article, looking at the most important automotive shows of 2020.

One of the most important developments is the rise of electric vehicles. Inside EVs—a key new source for the electric vehicle industry—says that 2020 will be the breakthrough year for electric vehicles. As such, we’ll be focussing on shows that include electric vehicles in their programmes. Since we’re big Trucking Tuesday fans, we’ll also be looking at European truck shows in this article.

Biggest automotive shows of 2020

There are plenty of car shows to look forward to across Europe next year; electric vehicles have been a part of this scene for some time.

Geneva International Motor Show–Gim Swiss


sports car with orange brake disc

The Geneva International Motor Show is a key event on any motor fan’s calendar. The show has been recognised by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers as one of the top five motor shows in the world. It’s also the only one to be held in Europe every year, and is celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2020.

A highlight of this year’s event is the electric cars at the GIMS-Discovery dedicated track. Visitors and media representatives will be able to test drive a range of electric cars, and see the potential of these vehicles firsthand. Another bonus is the GIMS-Tech exhibition; this will showcase new technologies that will influence automobiles in the future. For media members, GIMS Media Day offers an intensive conference programme with additional information.

For further details, you can visit the official website here.

Sofia Motor Show Bulgaria


This show attracts major automotive names like Ford, Audi, BMW and Mitsubishi. 2020 will mark the 25th Sofia Motor Show; an impressive milestone for any exhibition.

Visitors to 2019’s show can enjoy demonstrations of many exciting new technologies. They’ll be able to learn how advances in electronics and propulsion will transform the way we travel. Since the show is entering exciting new areas, they’re looking for new exhibitors to appear at future shows.

Learn more about what the Sofia Motor Show has to offer by visiting the official homepage.

Salon—Brussels Motor Show


city road with buildings either side

Running over ten days in January, the Brussels Motor Show provides a sales-friendly environment for over 500,000 visitors at a time. Each show represents a vast number of car and motorcycle brands, which will show off their latest products. It’s a must-see event for journalists, car fans and motorcycle enthusiasts.

Each Brussels Motor Show is organised by a non-profit association called FEBIAC. This group works proactively to create a sustainable business environment for both the motor vehicle and bicycle industries. Whether you’re coming as a visitor or exhibitor, the Brussels Motor Show has plenty to look forward to!

You can check out the official homepage for further details on this event.

Cenex LCV–Millbrook


Taking place in the UK, this event focuses on low-carbon vehicles. Its key features include a technology exhibition, an extensive seminar programme and facilitated networking with the low carbon community. Attendees can even try out a range of vehicles, including both commercially available and prototype models.

The event is run by Cenex, the UK’s first centre of excellence for low carbon and fuel cell technologies. It has assistance from a range of partners including the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Innovate UK and the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership. Cenex prides itself on ensuring that many key figures attend the event, including major stakeholders, key manufacturers and government officials.

Learn more about what this event has to offer by visiting the website.

Truck shows of 2020

In addition to car shows, there are several events dedicated to trucking too. Since many of our staff are involved in event transport, these kinds of events are dear to our hearts.

Truckfest Peterborough and Edinburgh


three trucks parked outside Stagefreight


This event has been Europe’s largest trucking festival since 1983. It consists of two national events—one in Peterborough during May, and one in Edinburgh during August. There are also six regional events across Wolsingham, Malvern, Kent, Shepton Malet, Knutsford and Newark.

The events are successful with industry figures, but they’ve also found a following amongst truckers and the general public. The events have grown in popularity over the last few years, and have plenty to offer visitors. Highlights include truck awards, appearances from top truck manufacturers, illuminated light truck parades and even stunt displays.

Get more details on this exciting show at the Truckfest website.

The City Trucks Festival La Pommeraye


This unusual festival brings together two unlikely bedfellows—trucking and music! It takes place in La Pommeraye—located in western France—and offers a weekend of music, food, workshops and showcases. Truck enthusiasts are the target audience, but anybody can attend.

Each festival boasts big trucks and a vibrant lineup of musical talent. Musicians at this year’s event include Charlie Winston, Caravan Palace and Che Sudaka. The lineup for 2020’s event has yet to be announced, but we expect a similarly exciting lineup in the future.

Get tickets for this event by visiting the official Festicket page.



overhead view of street

This German trade show is the world’s leading event for transport, logistics and mobility. Taking place every two years and covering vans, buses and trucks, next year’s show will look at the future of commercial vehicles in more detail.

Key topics at 2020’s event include electrical mobility, environmental protection and logistics for the towns of the future. Visitors can see a unique cross section of the industry’s value chain, including vehicles, transport and logistics. They’ll also be able to see manufacturers and many different medium-sized suppliers.

The last IAA event brought together over 2,000 exhibitors from 48 countries, surpassing 2016’s figures in the process. The show also benefits from more floor space than before; the most recent show boasted a record 282,200 square metres!

Learn more about 2020’s event by heading to the official website.

The Show Must Go On

Europe has plenty of different shows for both trucking fans and professionals. Some take a more lighthearted approach to the topic, while others are more business-focussed. A common thread across most of them, though, is their emphasis on eco-friendly vehicles and technologies. These are only going to grow in popularity over the next few years.

Our experience as an event transport provider means we know about plenty of specialist conferences and niche events. We’ve risen to the unique challenges that different events pose. We’ve even won awards for our top customer service and eco-friendly road fleet.

If you’d like some help putting on an exhibition, our exhibition transport service is a great choice. We handle all the necessary documentation and paperwork if you want to travel abroad. Once you arrive, our drivers can support you throughout the exhibition and work as you need them to. We can even provide branding options for trailers, to give your exhibition more exposure.

Give us a call today on 0113 797 898 and speak to our team of experts. The next great exhibition is closer than you might think!


The most iconic art exhibition venues of Europe

Europe is home to some of the world’s greatest galleries and museums. Many of these are also perfect for use as exhibition and event spaces, with both historical landmarks and newer buildings available. Thanks to our knowledge of exhibition transport and event haulage, we can direct you to the perfect places for your next European event!

1. The Louvre, Paris

This former palace is the world’s largest art museum, and home to approximately 38,000 different objects. It first opened as a museum in 1793; its most famous works include The Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory of Samothrace. It also attracts millions of people each year, with 10.2 million visitors in 2018.

People visiting the Louvre can enjoy numerous special exhibitions. The next one to look forward to is their Leonardo da Vinci exhibition; 2019 marks the 500-year anniversary of his death. The Louvre holds the world’s largest collection of his paintings, as well as numerous drawings from the Renaissance legend.

Louvre Venue Hire

In addition to tourists, the Louvre hosts numerous shoots each year for film, TV and music projects. The museum can also be used as a private venue for events; between 50 and 3,000 guests can be hosted at once. Other venues the Louvre offers include the Café Richelieu, the Café Mollien, the Musée Eugène-Delacroix and the beautiful Tuileries Garden.

2. Tate Modern, London

Named for the 19th-century industrialist Henry Tate, the Tate galleries exhibit almost 70,000 artworks across four sites. Their collection includes British art from 1500CE to the present day, as well as several international pieces. Tate Modern opened in 2000, and uses the former Bankside Power Station for its premises.

A highlight of Tate Modern’s calendar is a new exhibition from Olafur Eliasson. This Icelandic-Danish artist is famous for his sculptures and large-scale installation art. You can see some of these for yourself until the 5th of January 2020; they reflect the artist’s interest in geometry, colour theory and environmental issues. Visitors can even speak to Eliasson’s associates thanks to a live video link!

Tate Modern Venue Hire

In addition to artworks, Tate Modern boasts 16 different spaces to hire. These offer a variety of different settings, including the photography gallery (suitable for small dining engagements), the South Room (with space for up to 300 guests) and the Turbine Hall (which can host up to 1,500 guests at once). Venues offer stunning river views, exclusive private viewing opportunities and availability during daytime and the evening.

3. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Dedicated to the legendary Dutch painter, Amsterdam’s Van Gogh museum hosts the world’s largest collection of his work. It first opened in 1973, and welcomed over two million visitors in 2017. A current museum highlight is their exhibition on Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Running until the 1st of September, the exhibit explores why the painting was so important to Van Gogh, and how we can preserve it for the future.

Van Gogh Museum Hire

The museum can also be privately hired as a dinner, buffet or reception venue. The museum’s Rietveld Building can accommodate 100 people for a seated dinner, or 250 people for a standing buffet or reception. The Foyer, meanwhile, has space for 250 diners or 450 guests at a reception or standing buffet. You can even pair your events with a guided tour or a special art theme as desired.

4. Statens Museum For Kunst, Copenhagen

This venue is Denmark’s national gallery, and contains artworks dating back to the 1300s. Many pieces in its collection were brought together by Danish kings from the 16th century onwards. In 1849, this collection was transferred to the state, becoming the people’s art collection in the process.

At the moment, the gallery is hosting an exhibition on the Golden Age of Danish painting. Covering one of the country’s best-loved periods, the exhibition features more than 200 paintings from across the 19th century. Legendary artists such as Christen Købke, C.W. Eckersberg and Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann are all represented, alongside hidden gems of Denmark’s art scene.

Statens Museum For Kunst Venue Hire

The Statens Museum is also an excellent venue to hold major events like award ceremonies, formal dinners, receptions or anything else that needs a spacious, inspiring setting. A particular highlight of the museum is its glass-roofed Sculpture Street, which has been used for dinner parties, receptions, shows and product launches. Sculpture Street and the nearby Stage can accommodate 1,000 standing people, or 700 seated for dinner.

5. Guggenheim Museum Bilboa, Bilboa

This Spanish museum was constructed during the mid-90s, and designed by top architect Frank Gehry. Almost half of its 24,000 square metres are dedicated to exhibition space, which features works by the likes of Jeff Koons, Mark Rothko and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

An upcoming highlight of the museum’s calendar is an exhibition of works from the Kunsthalle Bremen, a museum in Germany. Focusing on German and French art from the 19th and 20th centuries, this collection of pictures, sculptures, prints and drawings will be presented to Spanish audiences for the first time. Multiple art movements will be represented, including Impressionism, Expressionism and the Romantic era.

Guggenheim Bilboa Venue Hire

The Guggenheim Bilboa offers museum space to companies in its Corporate Membership Program. However, the museum may consider other requests on an exceptional basis. Choose from five different venues with capacity ranges from 40 people seated, to up to 800 standing:

  • The Library—seating for 40 people
  • Education Room—First floor seating for 50 people and standing for 80; second floor standing for 50 people
  • The Hall—standing capacity for 300 people; available outside of opening hours
  • Auditorium—seating for 300 people
  • Atrium—seating for 400 people, standing capacity for 800 people, available outside of opening hours

6. Alte Nationalgallerie, Berlin

This gallery was first established in 1861. It is the original home of Berlin’s Nationalgalerie, though its artworks now appear in multiple venues. The original building suffered heavy damage during the Second World War, eventually closing in 1998 for extensive repairs. It reopened three years later on the museum’s 125th anniversary.

Art fans can look forward to an exhibit on Gustave Caillebotte, a key figure in the French Impressionist movement. The gallery will be hosting “Paris Street; Rainy Day”, a 19th century painting that’s considered one of the painter’s most important works. It’s only appeared in Europe before on rare occasions, and this will be the first time it’s appeared in Berlin.

Alte Nationalgallerie Venue Hire

If you’d like to hire the gallery for private use, you can use the gallery’s foyer and staircase, Sculpture Hall or German-Roman Hall. The foyer is perfect for receptions, hosting up to 130 people. The Sculpture Hall and German-Roman Hall are ideal for lectures and ceremonial acts; the former can hold up to 80 people, while the latter can hold up to 150. The Sculpture Hall is also suitable for dining. Photos and floor plans are available on request.

7. Royal Museums of Fine Arts, Brussels

Covering six distinct venues, these Belgian museums cover 700 years of the visual arts. Their focus ranges from a single artist (in the Magritte museum) to the work of people across four centuries (in the Old Masters museum). The Magritte Museum is hosting a very exciting event next year; for the very first time it will bring together work by Salvador Dalí and René Magritte, two icons of the Surrealist movement. The personal and philosophical links between these two artists will be revealed through 80 paintings and drawings, as well as sculptures, photographs and films.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts Venue Hire

Across these museums, there are several venues available for hire. The Forum can accommodate up to 700 people and seat 400, while the Magritte Museum’s Magritte Room can hold up to 220. If you require something smaller, the Museum Cafe can hold up to 150 people instead.

As an added bonus, each event can be paired with a private visit to the museum’s collection. Wow your delegates with both a gorgeous venue and some invaluable historical background!

8. Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Hungary’s national gallery opened in 1957 as a showcase for Hungarian art. It moved into Buda Palace—a 14th-century royal residence—in 1975. The palace’s dome is a national landmark, offering unparalleled views of Hungary’s capital.

In addition to several permanent exhibitions, the gallery offers a mix of temporary attractions. One highlight is their exhibit on water motifs in European paintings. Covering over 50 pieces, the paintings depict waterfront landscapes, stories from myth and many other scenarios.

Hungarian National Gallery Venue Hire

As a former royal palace, the gallery has some impressive venues for hire. Their halls can house gala dinners for 600 people, or receptions for 700. Their terraces are suitable for smaller receptions (i.e. between 15 and 80 people) and they offer stunning city views. Thematic guided tours and unique program offers are also available.

9. Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin

Ireland’s Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) uses the grounds of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, built in the 17th century. Additionally, 48 acres of land surrounds the museum itself, and includes formal gardens, meadows and a cafe with homemade food.

The museum is mixing things up by looking at the links between two legendary artists—Lucian Freud and Jack B. Yeats. This special exhibition brings together works by the artists for the first time in 70 years. A total of 57 oil paintings will be available for the public to view.

Irish Museum of Modern Art Venue Hire

The North Range of the hospital building and the grounds are available for use by private and corporate clients. Whether you want to host a wedding, product launches, gala banquets, conference or exhibition, the museum is happy to oblige. The impressive windows and high ceilings of the venue are reminiscent of its classical 17th century origins, and offer a unique backdrop for event delegates to admire.

As of summer 2019, the hospital is undergoing renovations; however, it will be available for hire soon.

10. Kunstmuseum, Bern

This Swiss museum first opened in 1879. It’s the oldest museum in Switzerland with a permanent collection, which includes more than 50,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, films and other pieces. With works by the likes of Picasso, Klee and Oppenheim, the Kunstmuseum has gained an international reputation.

In honour of the Apollo 11 moon landings (which are celebrating their 50th anniversary) the museum is hosting an exhibition on artwork of the moon from across history. Visitors can enjoy works by artists like Nell Walden, Sebald Beham and Ernst Kreidolf. The exhibition runs until the 20th of October 2019.

Kunstmuseum Venue Hire

The Kunstmuseum also has several museum rooms available for private hire. These are suitable for a variety of both large and small events, and they can be accompanied by supporting programs. Options include private guided tours of the exhibitions; you can even request selections of paintings, with a specific theme of your choice.

Visitors to Europe have plenty of options when it comes to hosting their next event. We at Stagefreight are happy to lend you our expertise; over the years, we’ve developed an in-depth understanding of the event business, particularly event haulage.

Our work takes us across Europe on a regular basis, and we’re eager to make your next event an unforgettable one. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround skills, and we can plan the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient route to any venue.

If you think we’re a good fit for your next event, conference or exhibition, take a look at our complete range of transport services. Already have an event in mind? Call us on 0113 797 898 to speak to one of the team directly for expert advice on event haulage.

FTA Logistics Awards Shortlist Announced

We’re very excited, as the FTA Logistics Awards 2019 shortlist has been announced.

And we’re a finalist!

Wish us luck for October, as we join fellow finalists to discover who wins the award for Road Freight Operator of the Year. 

As one of the biggest business groups in the UK, the FTA supports and stands up for efficient logistics.

Its the only organisation in the UK that represents all of logistics including road, rail, sea and air industries.

The FTA Logistics Awards are the only awards by the industry for the industry, so it’s naturally quite an honour to be shortlisted.

We may be a little giddy about it for a bit.

There’s also the excitement of comedian, Ed Byrne, hosting the event.

If you’d like to know more about the awards, have a closer look at the award shortlist on the FTA website.

Or if you want to know more about us and what we get up to, have a look at our latest work in the case study section.

Fingers crossed for October! 

Award Wins: Best Events Transport Company and Eco-Friendly Road Fleet

Exciting news!

Our team has won two fantastic awards from SME News.


Best Events Transport Company 2019


Eco-friendly Road Fleet of the Year 2019 


The Best Events Transport Company was awarded thanks to the team’s dedication to customer service, while the Eco-friendly Road Fleet of the Year is thanks to our eco-plan that ensured our team drive in an eco-friendly manner with eco-friendly trucks.

(A fleet made up of a combination of Mercedes Actros 1845 and Renault Trucks T-High).

Ian and Chirs say:

Ian Uttley:

“We are very excited about winning these awards. They reflect our commitment to our clients and on reducing our company’s carbon footprint.

Our clients are top priority. Expanding our services above and beyond what’s expected has proven its worth, and we look forward to working with our clients—old and new—for many years to come.”


Chris Adgie:

“These awards are a massive success for Stagefreight. I’m enormously proud of what we’ve achieved.

We wouldn’t have gotten this far without the fantastic work of our drivers. I’m grateful to all of them for the great work they’ve done—and will continue to do—on Stagefreight’s behalf.”

Visit the SME News website for the full story.

Here’s a picture of the award and of Ian receiving the award.

stagefreight award 2019 SME News
Looks nice that ?
SME News Best transport and low emission fleet award
Ian still has the schedule in his back pocket 🙂 

If you’re on the lookout for some event transport, we’re able to support with theatre transport, live event transport, music transport, corporate event transport and many more transport jobs.

Browse our full services here; or if you already think we can help, give us a call on 0113 797 898 today.

Ramfest 2018

Have you got plans for Sunday July the 15th?

Of course, you have! As you’re joining us for Ramfest 2018, right?

What’s a Ramfest?

Every year we join the Ramfest committee to put on a bit of a shindig that involves live music, epic food, nice company and all to raise money for multiple worthy causes.

It’s a festival for friends and family – a festival to enjoy!

Who’s performing?

There’s nothing quite as good as live music and we’ve got a total of 8 performances!

We’ve got the debut performance by Andy’s Man Club Band.

Here’s the line-up in full:

  • Noon – 12.50      | Andys Man Club Band
  • 13.00 – 13.50      | Regiment
  • 14.00 – 14.50      | Psychoslinkys
  • 15.00 – 15.50       | Dave Barnes from The Voice 
  • 16:00– 16.50        | In Echoes
  • 17.00 – 17.50       | The Revelator Band
  • 18.00 – 18.50      | International Party Doctors
  • 19.00 – 19.50      | The McCarrons

What else you got? 

Glad you asked. The before mentioned epic food includes:

  • Stonebaked Pizzas
  • Roast Beef Wraps
  • Mexican Cuisine
  • Burgers
  • Ice Cream

There’s also a kids play area to keep them entertained and for the grown-ups a beer & gin bar.

Please note that no alcohol is permitted to be brought onto the site.

What’s Ramfest for?

While we’re definitely up for a great festival, there are also several worthy causes behind the gathering. We’re supporting two amazing charities, so please give generously so they can keep doing their great work.

Andy’s Man Club

This charity aims to get men talk about their feelings and emotions, something that men are notoriously bad at says that “It’s okay to talk”.

And that talking can improve the quality of the lives of men and their families.

Heartbeat of Sport

Did you know that twelve people under the age of 35 die of sudden cardiac arrest?

The team at Heartbeat of Sport is raising awareness of sudden cardiac arrest within sport and doing what they can to prevent it.

The more people out there can spot the warning signs, then the higher the chances for survival are.

Specialist equipment for screening and care is needed, so Heartbeat of Sport needs your support during Ramfest.

Come join us! Full details below

Location: Southowram Cricket Club, Ashday Lane, EHX 39TR

Time: 11:30 – 20:00


Buy in advance from Ticketsource:

  • £6 Adults
  • £12 Family (2 adults, 3 children under 18 years of age)

Or buy on the day

  • £10 Adults
  • £2 Children

And if you have any questions, just give us a ring on 0113 797 898

You can also use our contact page here or follow us via social media to keep up with what’s going on at Ramfest this year.

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Ramfest 2018 line-up

Hope to see lots of you all there.

Our Urban Trailers: Small, But Mighty

UK cities are ever expanding with different event venues having different access options for stage trucks. To make sure this doesn’t stop us getting your show on the road, we developed our urban trailers.

But what makes our urban trailers different? And why are they so mighty?

The lowdown on urban trailers 

Our classic trailer is 45 foot (13.6 metres) long. To compare the urban trailers are 33 foot (10 metres) long.

Does this mean less space for event equipment and theatre props? 

Nope, as the bespoke design means you keep a competitive trailer box height.

There’s also a slight slope in the box that helps the team load and unload at a fantastically fast pace.

The box height also enables the team to store music truss cases strategically.

This isn’t something an average urban trailer can offer.

Stagefreight urban trailers in the yard at Leeds headquarters

Shake your tail feather 

The unique urban trailer ramp means easy and fast access.

It takes up less space and can be set-up by just one person (instead of needing two people).

How the urban trailer came to be

Our Fleet Director, Chris, worked out the design that would make an agile urban trailer that could store the maximum amount of stage and event equipment.

He got together with SDC Trailers to create the trailer to make city life as a stage truck driver a whole lot easier.

A big thanks goes to Chris and the SDC Trailers team for all the hard work. And for making our Stagefreight urban trailers a reality.

What’s next? 

These urban trailers have now been in use for the last 18 months and the general feedback from our clients is very positive. Regular clients are consistently asking for them.

The Stagefreight fleet is already growing with more Euro 6 Actros cab units coming in soon (see our article on our new stage trucks to find out all about that).

Stagefreight Euro 6 Actros fleet

More urban trailers will be added to the Stagefreight fleet over the coming months.

Their agility and loadability makes them a perfect partner for urban areas and city venues.

If you need transport for theatre tours, music gigs or other transport events, then take a closer look at our services page here.

Whether you’ve got some city events coming up or want to go further afield, we’re well-equipped to meet your transport needs. London city view night

Or give us a ring on 0113 238 0805 to get your event transport planned out and arranged today.

Meet the Stagefreight Drivers

We’re a friendly bunch and enjoy to help you put your show on the road.

But while we’ve mentioned that we’re a friendly lot, you may not have met all of us.

Following our initial look at the team behind the scenes, here are two more team members and Stagefreight drivers to get to know!

Have you met JP?

JP is one of our drivers, who’s specialised in conference transport across Europe.

JP Stagefreight driver

He’s frequently been to Budapest and Vienna.

One of his most memorable travel moments was a penthouse stay in the sunny Marbella. Nice.

He’s built a very good relationships with several key transport clients with whom he’s been travelling for the last 5 years.

His top advice to new team members is:

“A can-do attitude is essential. You get out what you put into the job – and you get the most out of helping.“

JP has now moved into a client services role in the office.

While his trips across Europe are over, he’ll still be chipping in to drive across the UK, while also being a key contact for clients.


Have you met Stuart Douglas?

Stuart is our lead driver for Opera North, which is one of key clients with whom we’ve built a long-lasting relationship.

Stuart Douglas Stagefreight Driver

He’s been the lead driver for the last 5 years; but has a career in driving for events panning the past 14 years.

Good attention to detail and staying on top of the plan is essential for Stuart’s role, as he’s used to organising up to 16 trailers which include the equipment for 3 different shows.

The shows alternate within the week, so Stuart is arranging the storage, loading and unloading of 3 shows across 16 trailers.

Keep in mind that every show has to be taken down and the equipment stored, while the next show gets prepped.

This can take between 2 to 6 hours (depending on the size and complexity of the equipment and props). Timing really is key, but Stuart is there to make sure everything goes like clockwork.

He’s got a lot of experience of touring the UK with Manchester currently being his favourite venue due to the handy loading bays this particular venue has.

Have you met Ian Lowe?

Ian has been a driver for the last 27 years and even has driving experience in the Middle East.

He’s currently on a one-trailer tour around the world with the music legend that is Joan Baez.

Alright for some, right?

He’s just got back from completing the first leg of the tour, which included Scandinavia, UK, Ireland & Northern Ireland, Germany, Bosnia and the Czech Republic. Some countries are simpler than others, but none is too tricky for Ian as he knows which custom forms are needed for when plus what timing to keep an eye on.

The second leg of the Joan Baez tour kicks off in May 2018 and there are plenty of UK destinations, such as London, Bristol and Manchester before touring Europe via Hamburg, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Amsterdam – just to name a few. The tour continues in the USA and Canada for the last quarter of the year. It’s a huge tour, so it’s good that Ian has some of his favourite destinations on the list, too.

Berlin is one of his favourite places to be, as you can never get bored of Berlin – or so Ian tells us.


Have you met Ant Hayes?

Ant is best known within the team as the lead driver for Birmingham Royal Ballet jobs, but he has two main claims to fame within the Stagefreight team.

The first is due to his nickname as Malta man, since if there’s a transport job in Malta he’s the man for the job.

The second part of his stardom is due to his recent involvement with transporting 7,500 Mr Kipling cakes which were designed into a BFG masterpiece.

Stagefreight driver ant hayes with his truck

Not one of our everyday type of loads, but goes to show that we can handle any transport job.

Ant Hayes with Mr Kipling BFG cake

Our Ant has quite a bit of experience, when it comes to unusual loads. In previous work outside of event transport he’s transported a 250 tonne power module, helicopter propellers and jet engines.

For Stagefreight he’s previously driven a giant teapot across the UK on behalf of Yorkshire Tea for the 2014 Tour De France.


There’ll be more driver and team member insights to come, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some theatre, music or event transport, why not have a closer look at our services pages or contact us today 0113 797 898