Award Wins: Best Events Transport Company and Eco-Friendly Road Fleet

Exciting news!

Our team has won two fantastic awards from SME News.


Best Events Transport Company 2019


Eco-friendly Road Fleet of the Year 2019 


The Best Events Transport Company was awarded thanks to the team’s dedication to customer service, while the Eco-friendly Road Fleet of the Year is thanks to our eco-plan that ensured our team drive in an eco-friendly manner with eco-friendly trucks.

(A fleet made up of a combination of Mercedes Actros 1845 and Renault Trucks T-High).

Ian and Chirs say:

Ian Uttley:

“We are very excited about winning these awards. They reflect our commitment to our clients and on reducing our company’s carbon footprint.

Our clients are top priority. Expanding our services above and beyond what’s expected has proven its worth, and we look forward to working with our clients—old and new—for many years to come.”


Chris Adgie:

“These awards are a massive success for Stagefreight. I’m enormously proud of what we’ve achieved.

We wouldn’t have gotten this far without the fantastic work of our drivers. I’m grateful to all of them for the great work they’ve done—and will continue to do—on Stagefreight’s behalf.”

Visit the SME News website for the full story.

Here’s a picture of the award and of Ian receiving the award.

stagefreight award 2019 SME News
Looks nice that 👍
SME News Best transport and low emission fleet award
Ian still has the schedule in his back pocket 🙂 

If you’re on the lookout for some event transport, we’re able to support with theatre transport, live event transport, music transport, corporate event transport and many more transport jobs.

Browse our full services here; or if you already think we can help, give us a call on 0113 238 0805 today.

Ramfest 2018

Have you got plans for Sunday July the 15th?

Of course, you have! As you’re joining us for Ramfest 2018, right?

What’s a Ramfest?

Every year we join the Ramfest committee to put on a bit of a shindig that involves live music, epic food, nice company and all to raise money for multiple worthy causes.

It’s a festival for friends and family – a festival to enjoy!

Who’s performing?

There’s nothing quite as good as live music and we’ve got a total of 8 performances!

We’ve got the debut performance by Andy’s Man Club Band.

Here’s the line-up in full:

  • Noon – 12.50      | Andys Man Club Band
  • 13.00 – 13.50      | Regiment
  • 14.00 – 14.50      | Psychoslinkys
  • 15.00 – 15.50       | Dave Barnes from The Voice 
  • 16:00– 16.50        | In Echoes
  • 17.00 – 17.50       | The Revelator Band
  • 18.00 – 18.50      | International Party Doctors
  • 19.00 – 19.50      | The McCarrons

What else you got? 

Glad you asked. The before mentioned epic food includes:

  • Stonebaked Pizzas
  • Roast Beef Wraps
  • Mexican Cuisine
  • Burgers
  • Ice Cream

There’s also a kids play area to keep them entertained and for the grown-ups a beer & gin bar.

Please note that no alcohol is permitted to be brought onto the site.

What’s Ramfest for?

While we’re definitely up for a great festival, there are also several worthy causes behind the gathering. We’re supporting two amazing charities, so please give generously so they can keep doing their great work.

Andy’s Man Club

This charity aims to get men talk about their feelings and emotions, something that men are notoriously bad at says that “It’s okay to talk”.

And that talking can improve the quality of the lives of men and their families.

Heartbeat of Sport

Did you know that twelve people under the age of 35 die of sudden cardiac arrest?

The team at Heartbeat of Sport is raising awareness of sudden cardiac arrest within sport and doing what they can to prevent it.

The more people out there can spot the warning signs, then the higher the chances for survival are.

Specialist equipment for screening and care is needed, so Heartbeat of Sport needs your support during Ramfest.

Come join us! Full details below

Location: Southowram Cricket Club, Ashday Lane, EHX 39TR

Time: 11:30 – 20:00


Buy in advance from Ticketsource:

  • £6 Adults
  • £12 Family (2 adults, 3 children under 18 years of age)

Or buy on the day

  • £10 Adults
  • £2 Children

And if you have any questions, just give us a ring on 0113 238 0805

You can also use our contact page here or follow us via social media to keep up with what’s going on at Ramfest this year.

Facebook / Twitter 

Ramfest 2018 line-up

Hope to see lots of you all there.

Our Urban Trailers: Small, But Mighty

UK cities are ever expanding with different event venues having different access options for stage trucks. To make sure this doesn’t stop us getting your show on the road, we developed our urban trailers.

But what makes our urban trailers different? And why are they so mighty?

The lowdown on urban trailers 

Our classic trailer is 45 foot (13.6 metres) long. To compare the urban trailers are 33 foot (10 metres) long.

Does this mean less space for event equipment and theatre props? 

Nope, as the bespoke design means you keep a competitive trailer box height.

There’s also a slight slope in the box that helps the team load and unload at a fantastically fast pace.

The box height also enables the team to store music truss cases strategically.

This isn’t something an average urban trailer can offer.

Stagefreight urban trailers in the yard at Leeds headquarters

Shake your tail feather 

The unique urban trailer ramp means easy and fast access.

It takes up less space and can be set-up by just one person (instead of needing two people).

How the urban trailer came to be

Our Fleet Director, Chris, worked out the design that would make an agile urban trailer that could store the maximum amount of stage and event equipment.

He got together with SDC Trailers to create the trailer to make city life as a stage truck driver a whole lot easier.

A big thanks goes to Chris and the SDC Trailers team for all the hard work. And for making our Stagefreight urban trailers a reality.

What’s next? 

These urban trailers have now been in use for the last 18 months and the general feedback from our clients is very positive. Regular clients are consistently asking for them.

The Stagefreight fleet is already growing with more Euro 6 Actros cab units coming in soon (see our article on our new stage trucks to find out all about that).

Stagefreight Euro 6 Actros fleet

More urban trailers will be added to the Stagefreight fleet over the coming months.

Their agility and loadability makes them a perfect partner for urban areas and city venues.

If you need transport for theatre tours, music gigs or other transport events, then take a closer look at our services page here.

Whether you’ve got some city events coming up or want to go further afield, we’re well-equipped to meet your transport needs. London city view night

Or give us a ring on 0113 238 0805 to get your event transport planned out and arranged today.

Meet the Stagefreight Drivers

We’re a friendly bunch and enjoy to help you put your show on the road.

But while we’ve mentioned that we’re a friendly lot, you may not have met all of us.

Following our initial look at the team behind the scenes, here are two more team members and Stagefreight drivers to get to know!

Have you met JP?

JP is one of our drivers, who’s specialised in conference transport across Europe.

JP Stagefreight driver

He’s frequently been to Budapest and Vienna.

One of his most memorable travel moments was a penthouse stay in the sunny Marbella. Nice.

He’s built a very good relationships with several key transport clients with whom he’s been travelling for the last 5 years.

His top advice to new team members is:

“A can-do attitude is essential. You get out what you put into the job – and you get the most out of helping.“

JP has now moved into a client services role in the office.

While his trips across Europe are over, he’ll still be chipping in to drive across the UK, while also being a key contact for clients.


Have you met Stuart Douglas?

Stuart is our lead driver for Opera North, which is one of key clients with whom we’ve built a long-lasting relationship.

Stuart Douglas Stagefreight Driver

He’s been the lead driver for the last 5 years; but has a career in driving for events panning the past 14 years.

Good attention to detail and staying on top of the plan is essential for Stuart’s role, as he’s used to organising up to 16 trailers which include the equipment for 3 different shows.

The shows alternate within the week, so Stuart is arranging the storage, loading and unloading of 3 shows across 16 trailers.

Keep in mind that every show has to be taken down and the equipment stored, while the next show gets prepped.

This can take between 2 to 6 hours (depending on the size and complexity of the equipment and props). Timing really is key, but Stuart is there to make sure everything goes like clockwork.

He’s got a lot of experience of touring the UK with Manchester currently being his favourite venue due to the handy loading bays this particular venue has.

Have you met Ian Lowe?

Ian has been a driver for the last 27 years and even has driving experience in the Middle East.

He’s currently on a one-trailer tour around the world with the music legend that is Joan Baez.

Alright for some, right?

He’s just got back from completing the first leg of the tour, which included Scandinavia, UK, Ireland & Northern Ireland, Germany, Bosnia and the Czech Republic. Some countries are simpler than others, but none is too tricky for Ian as he knows which custom forms are needed for when plus what timing to keep an eye on.

The second leg of the Joan Baez tour kicks off in May 2018 and there are plenty of UK destinations, such as London, Bristol and Manchester before touring Europe via Hamburg, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Vienna and Amsterdam – just to name a few. The tour continues in the USA and Canada for the last quarter of the year. It’s a huge tour, so it’s good that Ian has some of his favourite destinations on the list, too.

Berlin is one of his favourite places to be, as you can never get bored of Berlin – or so Ian tells us.


Have you met Ant Hayes?

Ant is best known within the team as the lead driver for Birmingham Royal Ballet jobs, but he has two main claims to fame within the Stagefreight team.

The first is due to his nickname as Malta man, since if there’s a transport job in Malta he’s the man for the job.

The second part of his stardom is due to his recent involvement with transporting 7,500 Mr Kipling cakes which were designed into a BFG masterpiece.

Stagefreight driver ant hayes with his truck

Not one of our everyday type of loads, but goes to show that we can handle any transport job.

Ant Hayes with Mr Kipling BFG cake

Our Ant has quite a bit of experience, when it comes to unusual loads. In previous work outside of event transport he’s transported a 250 tonne power module, helicopter propellers and jet engines.

For Stagefreight he’s previously driven a giant teapot across the UK on behalf of Yorkshire Tea for the 2014 Tour De France.


There’ll be more driver and team member insights to come, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some theatre, music or event transport, why not have a closer look at our services pages or contact us today 0113 238 0805

BBC Leeds Came Behind The Scenes

We’re very excited as Richard Stead from BBC Radio Leeds came for a visit to do a Behind the Scenes feature.

No worries, if you missed it on the radio, as you can catch the footage on the BBC iPlayer at the 2 hours and 11 minutes mark.


Richard Stead BBC Radio Leeds

Radio and film?!?

Richard also filmed some scenes to spread the word on Twitter and here’s one of the Digi Videos.

BBC Radio Leeds Twitter Footage

It was great to show Richard and his producer, Jamie, what the team gets up to.

We started by giving them a tour of the Stagefreight warehouse, showed them the yard and some of our stage trucks.

And they were surprised by how much planning is needed to get one of our event partner’s shows on the road.

Richard Stead collage visiting Stagefreight
Here are some highlights of Richard looking around

Behind the scenes eye opener

From our point of view, it was fascinating to see Richard and Jamie in action as they planned out the interview with Ian and the different sections of the show.

It was an eye opener for BBC Radio Leeds in terms of stage and event transport plus an eye opener for us in terms of radio shows.

Listen in

Head over to the BBC iPlayer to listen to the whole thing, as I don’t want to be giving too much away.

All I’ll say is there’s a Rhino, an old taxi and Ian from Stagefreight doing a fab job in his first radio interview.


New Mercedes Benz Actros Stage Trucks At Stagefreight

We’re very excited about the new Mercedes-Benz Actros stage trucks  joining our fleet.

So, we decided to share more information about these new stage trucks and about our whole fleet, too.

Actros Stage Trucks

The Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks are specialist trucks for long distance transport. Our drivers are regularly abroad, as we support theatre shows, music events and conferences across Europe and even as far as Dubai.

Stage trucks that can handle the many miles we commit to are of high importance to us.

It was, however, not only the long distance ability that caught our attention:

Environmentally friendly trucks

The high-torque 6-cyclinder engines exceed the emission standards of Euro V, Euro VI and EEV engines. This means they are the most fuel-efficient engines amongst the class leaders.

We take our environmental responsibility very seriously and so were very pleased that these stage trucks offered the Euro 6 engine.

Safety features

Health & Safety is another of our key company policies, so naturally this is a priority for our fleet.

The Mercedes-Benz Actros range has Active Brake Assist 4. This system detects potential accident hazards including stationary objects and as a world ‘first’ also spots pedestrians stepping off pavements into the truck’s path.

The trucks also feature Proximity Control Assist, which intervenes automatically within the cruise control setting to restrict speed and maintain a pre-set distance from the vehicle ahead.


Our drivers are often on the road for several weeks. We want them to feel comfortable when on the road. The truck should be like a home from home.

The stage trucks from Mercedes-Benz therefore have the GigaSpace cabins, which have 2.13m headroom and provide our drivers separate areas to work, sleep and live.

It’s important for overall comfort to be able to have different areas for different activities.

Here’s a picture of some of the new stage trucks at the truck depot.

Stagefreight trucks

Our Fleet

While we’re very excited about the new additions to our fleet, we’re still highly proud of our existing fleet, which consists of 80 specialist trucks. All of which have Euro 6 emission efficient engines.

35 of our stage trucks are tractor units with 80% of these being from Mercedes-Benz. We’re steadily expanding and growing our fleet.

The environment and health & safety will always be key to our fleet decisions and choices. If you’re interested in finding our more about our policies, take a closer look at them here.

We’re not the only ones proud of our fleet, though. Our drivers often share pictures of the stage trucks while travelling around the world.

Here are some images sent in by our team:

Stagefreight Trucks At Event

Stagefreight truck on the road

Trucks and drivers ensure we can do, what we do for our customers – namely helping them put their shows or event on the road.

No matter where in world you need to transport your show or event equipment to, we can help. We’ve even been all to the way to the Arctic, so there’s really nowhere we can’t quote you a transport contract for.

If you need specialist stage trucks for your event transport, then give us a call today (0113 238 0805) or take a closer look at our services here.

The Best Local Pantomime Shows of 2017

What family doesn’t love a good local pantomime? Choruses of ‘oh no he didn’t!’ and ‘he’s behind you!’ have been echoing round British theatres for many years.

It’s something purely British, as our continental cousins are often baffled by this style of entertainment according to the BBC. Though our festive season wouldn’t be the same without it.

That’s why we’ve brought together some of this year’s hottest pantos in one article to help you find your local pantomime.

Whether you’re looking for a family outing (or a hit of nostalgia) there’s sure to be something for everyone!

local pantomime carpet

Aladdin- Princess Theatre, Torquay

8-31 December

This classic story of magic carpets, mysterious lamps and true love is a staple of pantomimes. The performance at the Princess Theatre also boasts some excellent cast members that will make it a night to remember.

You all know the story; when Aladdin falls in love with the Princess of China, he must prove he’s the right guy to win her hand. The genie in the magic lamp might hold the key, but can he outwit the Evil Sorcerer and find true love?

A highlight of the cast is Anne Hegerty, known for her merciless performances on The Chase. She’s also a prolific pantomime star, appearing in the likes of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and Beauty and the Beast. Other notable cast members include X Factor contestants Sam Callahan and Luke Friend, while Last of the Summer Wine‘s Tom Owen plays the sorcerer Abanazar.

A great show treat for anyone in the Torquay area this December.

You can book tickets with ATG Tickets.


local pantomime plant

Jack and the Beanstalk- New Wimbledon Theatre – London

9th December 2017-14th January 2018

This pantomime marks the first performance of Jack and the Beanstalk in the area for more than 15 years. It’s also being held by one of the world’s biggest pantomime producers, Qdos Entertainment, making this a show to look forward to.

Stand-up comedian Al Murray and Olivier winner Clive Rowe (The Story of Tracy Beaker) lead the cast in this timeless fairytale of beanstalks, giants and fabulous treasure. The show boasts stunning scenery and special effects, beautiful costumes and- of course- plenty of audience participation.

Plus it’s in aid of the NSPCC, so while treating yourself to a your local pantomime you’ll be supporting a great charity at the same time.

Tickets are available from ATG Tickets


local pantomime pumpkin

Cinderella- Liverpool Empire Theatre

16th December 2017-7th January 2018

As one of the world’s most famous fairytales, Cinderella is an excellent choice for any panto fan. The classic rags-to-riches tale has everything a pantomime could ask for: marvellous magic, a happy ending and villains you love to hate.

This performance of the classic tale boasts some big names. Prince Charming is played by Blue’s Duncan James, who’s also appeared in stage productions of Sherlock Holmes and TV soap Hollyoaks. Jodie Prenger, winner of the reality show I’d Do Anything, plays the Fairy Godmother. You can find out more about the rise of the theatre talent shows and about Jodie Prenger in one of our previous articles here.

Each of these perfomers promises to make this panto an unforgettable one!

So, if Liverpool Empire Theatre is your local pantomime venue, be sure to book your tickets sooner rather than later.


local pantomime forest

Robin Hood and The Babes in the Wood- York Barbican

21st-31st December

If you want something a little off the beaten track, this pantomime at the York Barbican might be just what you’re after. It mixes elements of the classic Robin Hood story with the Babes in the Wood tale to produce an unforgettable all-ages night out.

This performance boasts the biggest lineup of stars that the city has ever seen. It includes Boyzone’s Shane Lynch, Eastenders’ Ricky Norwood and Coronation Street’s Michael Starke.

It also sees the return of 90s pop star Anna Kumble (Lolly) and The Voice star Jaz Ellington, who are playing the fairy and Friar Tuck respectively.

Book your tickets at the York Barbican



local pantomime fireplace

Cinderella- The Alhambra Theatre – Bradford

16 Dec 2017 – 28 Jan 2018

Bradford Alhambra’s pantomime is a Christmas highlight, and this year’s panto promises to be no different. Veteran actor and Prince of Bradford Panto, Billy Pearce, makes his usual appearance and this year he’s joined by the singer and Loose Women panelist Coleen Nolan, as well as stage star Shane Nolan in what promises to be a top-quality pantomime!

The Alhambra celebrated its 100-year birthday back in 2014. It is the place for pantos in Yorkshire thanks to Francis Laidler, also known as the King of Panto.

Get your tickets from Bradford Theatres

local pantomime crocodile

Peter Pan- Christmas in Neverland – Arena Birmingham

20th – 24th Dec

Taking pantomimes to a large scale is this year’s Peter Pan panto in Birmingham.

With a movie-like Neverland set across 3 stages, a giant 60 foot wide screen, a life-size Jolly Roger galleon with a 10,000 gallon water wall to sail in front of, an animatronic crocodile, BMX stunt riders, aerial mermaids and 100 stuntmen, this promises to be a show to remember.

Running for seven shows across five days it will then tour to Wembley Arena with all props included.

Props alone don’t make a show, though. You can enjoy performances by The Chase presenter Bradley Walsh, and Eastenders star Martin Kemp.

If Birmingham is the place of your local pantomime or you just want to get tickets to see the giant crocodile, then The Ticket Factory can be of service.


As you can see from Birmingham’s local pantomime, props and show equipment for each panto varies. But stage sets are essential in supporting actors with their performance.

If you’re looking to put on your own show (panto or otherwise), Stagefreight is ready to work some magic.

Our flexibility means we can transport materials for shows of all shapes and sizes. We’ve catered for everything from 28-trailer tours to a tour transported in a single van!

We’ve also managed to build up a vast wealth of experience thanks to our connections with key theatre companies. By working with Opera North, Northern Ballet and the English National Ballet, we’ve learned what the professionals expect when it comes to transporting their goods. That’s why we’re one of the best choices when it comes to transporting and setting up your show.

Whatever you’re performing, the show must go on. And when you partner with Stagefreight, you’re ensuring your show goes off without a hitch!

Call us now for a no-strings attached and fast quote on 0113 238 0805.

The Most Spooktacular Music Events of October

At Stagefreight, we love live events; it’s a core part of what we do. And this October, you can look forward to some fantastic music events across the country.

Of course, there’s also Halloween to consider. And if you’re after some thrills and chills this month, we’re happy to oblige. We’ve pulled a list together of some spooky music events in October, and some more conventional choices for the faint-hearted.

Zombie Fest 3 East Anglia- Saturday 28th October

halloween music events merry go round

If you’re in the East Anglia area, Zombie Fest might be just what you’re looking for. It runs from 6 in the evening to 6 in the morning at Mildenhall Stadium. The music lineup covers over 150 acts, and genres as diverse as R&B, drum & bass, hard dance and garage.

This music is playing at one of the festival’s 10 stages. This year’s event also offers a brand new VIP arena, fully licensed bars and a fun fair!

This event is 18+. To buy tickets, go here.


Fright Festival Brighton 2017- Saturday 28th October

halloween music events face paint

Billed as the UK’s leading Halloween festival, Brighton’s Fright Festival offers some of the biggest names in dance music. Some of the names announced include Majestic, Nathan Dawe, Crazy Cousinz and Yo Menza. Over 5,000 music fans are expected to see the acts, which are split across four frightfully good venues.

Besides the music visitors can look forward to onsite face painting, funfair rides, food stalls and even live scare actors. Tickets are available now here.


Lancaster Music Festival- Thursday the 12th to Monday the 16th of October

halloween music events guitar

If you’re looking to avoid the scares- or just get off the beaten track- the Lancaster Music Festival might be just what you’re looking for.

This festival brings together the very best music acts from across Yorkshire. Virtually every genre is represented, including rock, folk, acapella and experimental. There’s also several acts from further afield with London, Scotland and Brazil all represented in the lineup!

The festival is taking place at 46 separate venues across the city, ensuring there’s opportunities for everybody. Visit the official site to learn more and book tickets.


No Bounds Festival- Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th of October

halloween music events swimming

This Sheffield festival covers music events, art installations, workshops and even coding sessions. It’s also a first; a festival that takes place at a swimming pool!

Running over three days, many of the events take place at the Trafalgar Warehouse venue. Visitors can look forward to seeing artists like DJ Seinfeld and Laurel Halo, art installations by Mark Fell and Mattias Jones, and attend a coding workshop with Alex McClean. Meanwhile, Heeley Swimming Pool is offering two ‘Wet Sounds’ sessions. What does this mean? There’s only one way to find out…

Tickets are available here.


FearFest17- Saturday 28th October

halloween music events steelworks

Continuing the trend of unusual venues, this festival takes place at Rotherham’s Magna Science Adventure Centre. Billing itself as Yorkshire’s biggest Halloween dance festival, it’s sure to be an excellent night out. With 30 acts playing across four separate venues, there’s sure to be something to whet your appetite!

This event is 18+ only. At the time of writing, tickets are extremely limited; act now to avoid disappointment.


As you can see, October has plenty of events to look forward to and we can help you add another one to the schedule.

Stagefreight’s experienced drivers will get all your props, lighting and other materials in the right place at the right time, every time. Each of our drivers can plan the most cost-effective, fuel-efficient route to your event, helping to keep your costs as low as possible. They can also offer support with lighting choices, and even help to build the stage with your team if required.

Visit our Live Events page now and get a fast, no-obligations quote for your event transportation.

Have a happy Halloween!


What Makes An Event Transport Company? The People Behind It

At Stagefreight we like to make sure we tailor transport support to our individual clients and that our whole team can help you every step of the way.

To give more insight into who we are as a stage and event transport company, we’d like to introduce two of our team members today:

Meet Chris: Director at Stagefreight

Chris has been a driver for 35 years and is celebrating his 30th anniversary at Stegfreight.

He’s no longer a driver and instead supports Ian as Director and Head Mechanic.

As Head Mechanic Chris looks after all truck maintenance and makes sure that all servicing is complete.

This ensures that we can support you with your events and show productions at short notice and planned in advance.

Chris Adgie Stagefreight Staff Pic

In his role as Director, Chris supports Ian with overall admin tasks and advises new customers on what truck and trailer options are best for their event.

When Chris was a driver he specialised in stage transport for ballet and opera.

Some interesting trends he’s noticed over the 20 years he was in this field, is that opera used to dominate the large stage sets.

While, in comparison, ballet tended to opt for smaller sets.

Ballet’s overall popularity has grown over the years and equally large sets as in opera are now the norm in ballet.

Being used to both helped Chris quickly adapt to the growing trend in ballet, as he was used to the set needs of opera.

Chris himself likes ballet due to the relatable stories told through this art form.

He’s just one of the key people needed to keep our event transport company running on track.


Meet Daz: Stagefreight Driver

Daz is one of Stagefreight’s friendly drivers and while knowledgeable about all event transport, he most often supports with corporate events across the UK and in particular Europe.

Off-loading and event set-up support is part of the service at Stagefreight and Daz quickly becomes an important part of the event team.

Daz StageFreight Driver Staff Pic

So much so that some clients have specifically asked for him as a driver for their recurring events.

As each corporate event is 4-5 days long, Daz will often look after a maximum of three clients per Europe tour.

Travelling here and there around the world in a highly time efficient manner is what Daz is known for and as a little hobby, he keeps a diary to track where he’s been.

He’s supported events in Rome, Barcelona (x2), Benidorm, Munich, Prague, Copenhagen, Madrid, Warsaw and Amsterdam (x3).

And that’s just a few examples of 2016 and 2017 (so far).

Daz and StageFreight Truck

So, as you can see it’s not just Director, Ian, who has the 411 of stage and event transport down, there’s also a very experienced team supporting him.

If you’re looking for an expert event transport company, get in touch with Stagefreight today or browse our Services page to see what we can do for you.

New Website is Live

Explore Our New Website & Features

Stagefreight is evolving, and it’s vital our site evolves as well. That’s why we’ve created a completely new website. It’s good news for us and good news for you, as it really highlights how we can best help you with all your event transport needs. Win-win.

That’s why we’ve created a completely new website. It’s good news for us and good news for you, as it really highlights how we can best help you with all your event transport needs. Win-win.

It’s good news for us and good news for you, as it really highlights how we can best help you with all your event transport needs. Win-win.


Why do we have a new site?

The Stagefreight website has been redeveloped as part of our new investment program.

StageFreight Logo

We’re investing in our website, in our fleet and our staff to ensure you get to continue to get an experienced and friendly service from us.

Something you’ll notice is that our new site offers much more content than before, and will help you see how Stagefreight can support you getting your event equipment to its destination on time- every time.

Over the years, we’ve developed our skills in a number of specialties; we have plenty of experience with live events in the arts sector, such as concerts and stage productions.

We can transport all your materials safely and swiftly, ensuring they arrive in perfect order all over the UK and we also do long haul trips across Europe and beyond.

Once at your event we’ll remain on site to help with unloading and ensure the event starts smoothly. We’re with you every step of the way.

Our years of know-how is also applicable to other sectors. We have a deep understanding of stage equipment, which means we can outfit corporate conferences and speakers’ appointments as easily as sold-out concerts.

In short, we’ve worked with many clients across the entertainment industry and grown our skills throughout, and our new site reflects that better than ever.

What will I find on the new site?

For your convenience we’ve divided the site into several key sections:

The Services page has a summary of all the ways we can help you. We can transport materials for many different events including exhibitions, conferences and theatre productions. You can use our services for one-off events or on a long-term basis as required.

The Our Work page brings together all our case studies in one place. Like the Services page, our case studies cover all the sectors we work in. Learn about what we do firsthand, how we’ve helped others and see how we can help you!

The About Us page gives a brief overview of our business and history. If you want to know what Stagefreight is in a nutshell, this is the perfect place to start.

The News page lets you read about our latest exploits, thoughts and passions. We love to share what we’re up to and what we’re all about. The most recent stories are always at the top, and you can, of course, read older news stories.

The Contact page allows you to send us a written message quickly and easily. Simply fill in your contact details, write your message and send it off! We’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

How was it created?

Our new website was developed by electric, an integrated marketing agency on the outskirts of Leeds.

We worked closely with electric while they were putting the site together, and they went to great lengths to understand our business beforehand.

With that knowledge of our industry and key services, electric constructed a new website from scratch while leaving the old one intact.

This ensured that our business (and your queries) weren’t affected by the site’s redevelopment.

Together, we made sure that the new website was easy to use, while also reflecting who we are as a brand. We also ensured it looked better than ever thanks to a bold new visual direction.

Have a look around to get the feel of our new vibe.

As well as having a bright, attractive colour scheme, the new website features striking animation.

We feel this is an excellent way to make our site stand out, and nicely reflects our passion and experience in the art and theatre sectors.

So what are you waiting for? 

Explore our new website, and send us any comments or inquiries via the new Contact page!