The Biggest European Automotive Shows of 2018

At Stagefreight, we transport event equipment for many different clients. But we don’t just facilitate live shows and theatre productions. We’re experts in exhibition transport, and we can help you organise exhibitions around the world.

Since we’ve helped clients in the automotive industry, we thought we’d put together an article highlighting some of the most exciting automotive shows Europe has to offer. They’re just the kinds of events our exhibition transport skills can be applied to.

Auto Messe Ried 

2-4 February

Taking place near Salzburg, this event describes itself as Upper Austria’s largest new car fair. It features representatives from Audio, BMW, Citroen and many other car manufacturers. Visitors to the event can compare over 250 models of 35 car brands. There are also several other attractions including a vintage car exhibition, children’s attractions, free workshops and even a Formula 1 racing simulator!

With a broad focus, this event offers many different opportunities. Click here to visit the official website (The official site is in German).

Automechanika Birmingham

5-7 June, Birmingham NEC

Described as ‘the UK’s leading exhibition for the automotive aftermarket and vehicle production sector,’ this exhibit is an excellent opportunity for anyone in these industries.

Over 500 exhibitors are expected to attend the event in 2018, with the likes of Bosch, Magal/Arlington and Polar Manufacturing exhibiting last year. 2017 also saw over 2,000 professionals attending, from companies like Ford, BMW and Rolls Royce. There will even be 9,300 professionals from the aftermarket. Look out for companies like  Kwik Fit, AA, Tesco and Halfords!

For 2018, the event will offer a facilitated meetings programme. This programme will put visitors and suppliers in touch with one another based on their needs and resources. The event will also extend some of the opening hours to allow more time for business networking.

With workshops, demonstrations and much more, Automechanika Birmingham promises to be a thrilling event for everyone. Visit the official website for more details.

IZB Wolfsburg

16-18 October, Wolfsburg

This German exhibition brings together many different stakeholders in automobile production. Running over 3 days, it presents many excellent networking opportunities for both entrepreneurs and industry suppliers. It also offers several different conferences, meetings and forums on topics relevant to the automotive market.

In previous years over 800 exhibitors and 51,000 visitors attended the event from 29 countries. Professional visitors from industries like automotive engineering, automotive accessories, subcontracting and many more can find something worthwhile at this event!

For more information on this event, visit the TradeFairDates website.

Paris Motor Show 2018

4-14 October, Paris

Taking place every two years, the Paris Motor Show is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year. The professional trade show debuts many exciting cars each time. These include production automobile and concept cars. 2016’s show featured cars from 10 different countries, with the likes of Ferrari, Tesla and Jaguar all in attendance.

This event takes place in Paris expo Porte de Versailles, Europe’s largest exhibition complex, renowned for the massive international events it plays host to. For more details, click here.

Warsaw Moto Show

16-18 November

This Polish automotive trade show promises plenty of glitz and glamour as its website promises. Last year’s show attracted over 160,000 visitors, over 200 exhibitors and 84 automotive debuts. Moreover, people visiting the event can check out the luxury vehicles showroom, a dedicated motorsports zone, and even specialised zones for tires and car care!

The event takes place at Peak Warsaw Expo, Poland’s largest exhibition centre. Located on the outskirts of Warsaw, it boasts 143,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space. Visit the official website for full details on the trade show.

These are just some examples of automotive exhibitions across Europe. There are, of course, also many more specialist exhibitions planned throughout 2018 across Europe.

And these are exactly the kind of events that Stagefreight can help you to run and organise.

Our professional and experienced drivers support you throughout the exhibition and even join your team as you need them to. And when it comes to transporting your exhibition material we can add your branding to the trailers themselves! This gives you some added promotion once we’re on the road.

Most importantly, though, we handle all the documentation and paperwork for exhibitions abroad. Whether you’re importing or exporting, working with Stagefreight for your exhibition transport makes things all the easier!

Take a look at our services pages for more details, or give us a call today on 0113 238 0805.

The Rise of the Business Week

At Stagefreight we help set up many different events, from music festivals to theatre productions. But our business doesn’t end with entertainment. Today, we’d like to talk about a growing trend and how Stagefreight can help you make the most of it.


Over the last years, several cities have hosted special corporate events involving a collection of local businesses to promote the prosperity of the area. The business week as the name implies lasts over several days and requires multiple venues plus enticing seminar rooms to increase attendance. Thereby making this corporate event a large logistical undertaking.

Topics of the business week’s seminars are often around communication, digital marketing and how to best encourage more trade into the local area. There are also networking events and more informal meal networking events, where attendees can get to know each other.


The main purpose of the business week is to inform and educate other local businesses and therefore acts as a learning experience than a selling opportunity, but nevertheless offers businesses a great opportunity to increase exposure of their brand and services or products.


Business weeks are a great place to learn new things and meet new people.

The Yorkshire Mafia business group launched their latest Leeds Business Week event in October. Bringing together over 100 businesses and hosting over 100 events, it was a brilliant opportunity to learn about new topics and make new contacts.

But Leeds isn’t alone in its efforts. Wolverhampton, Humber and Inverness each held a business week of their own earlier this year, while the York business week is still to come in November.

There’s even a Responsible Business Week championing businesses that work to make a positive difference in society.


The idea of the business week is not a new one. York Business Week dates back to 2010, while Humber Business Week began back in 2004. However, their continued success (and emergence of new ones) suggests that they are here to stay, and businesses of all kinds can continue to benefit from them.

With business weeks growing in popularity across the UK, we’re confident that these will only get bigger and better over time. Bigger events require equipment and the right expertise to get everything set-up across multiple locations.


Much of Stagefreight’s work overlaps with the format of business weeks. One of the key parts of our business, for instance, is exhibitions. Whatever its format or content, we can transport exhibition materials to a venue on time and in perfect condition. We can also help set-up any exhibition materials onsite.

As well as exhibitions, Stagefreight transports materials for business conferences. These present their own challenges since conferences frequently follow location trends. This means we’ve transported materials for conferences around the world, from Africa to the Arctic.


Business week events can be serious and education-focused, or more relaxed and social-focused.

Our prior experience means Stagefreight can handle all the challenges a business week presents. We are able to transport goods safely, to a variety of locations around a city. We can help set-up on arrival, ensuring you’re ready to present any seminars or network with complete confidence. Whatever the task, Stagefreight is ready and willing to take it on.

If you’re looking to host your own business week (or improve the way you run an existing one) Stagefreight is on hand to help you out.

For a fast, obligation-free quote on your transport requirements, give us a call today on 0113 238 0805.