Our Urban Trailers: Small, But Mighty

UK cities are ever expanding with different event venues having different access options for stage trucks. To make sure this doesn’t stop us getting your show on the road, we developed our urban trailers.

But what makes our urban trailers different? And why are they so mighty?

The lowdown on urban trailers 

Our classic trailer is 45 foot (13.6 metres) long. To compare the urban trailers are 33 foot (10 metres) long.

Does this mean less space for event equipment and theatre props? 

Nope, as the bespoke design means you keep a competitive trailer box height.

There’s also a slight slope in the box that helps the team load and unload at a fantastically fast pace.

The box height also enables the team to store music truss cases strategically.

This isn’t something an average urban trailer can offer.

Stagefreight urban trailers in the yard at Leeds headquarters

Shake your tail feather 

The unique urban trailer ramp means easy and fast access.

It takes up less space and can be set-up by just one person (instead of needing two people).

How the urban trailer came to be

Our Fleet Director, Chris, worked out the design that would make an agile urban trailer that could store the maximum amount of stage and event equipment.

He got together with SDC Trailers to create the trailer to make city life as a stage truck driver a whole lot easier.

A big thanks goes to Chris and the SDC Trailers team for all the hard work. And for making our Stagefreight urban trailers a reality.

What’s next? 

These urban trailers have now been in use for the last 18 months and the general feedback from our clients is very positive. Regular clients are consistently asking for them.

The Stagefreight fleet is already growing with more Euro 6 Actros cab units coming in soon (see our article on our new stage trucks to find out all about that).

Stagefreight Euro 6 Actros fleet

More urban trailers will be added to the Stagefreight fleet over the coming months.

Their agility and loadability makes them a perfect partner for urban areas and city venues.

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