New Mercedes Benz Actros Stage Trucks At Stagefreight

We’re very excited about the new Mercedes-Benz Actros stage trucks  joining our fleet.

So, we decided to share more information about these new stage trucks and about our whole fleet, too.

Actros Stage Trucks

The Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks are specialist trucks for long distance transport. Our drivers are regularly abroad, as we support theatre shows, music events and conferences across Europe and even as far as Dubai.

Stage trucks that can handle the many miles we commit to are of high importance to us.

It was, however, not only the long distance ability that caught our attention:

Environmentally friendly trucks

The high-torque 6-cyclinder engines exceed the emission standards of Euro V, Euro VI and EEV engines. This means they are the most fuel-efficient engines amongst the class leaders.

We take our environmental responsibility very seriously and so were very pleased that these stage trucks offered the Euro 6 engine.

Safety features

Health & Safety is another of our key company policies, so naturally this is a priority for our fleet.

The Mercedes-Benz Actros range has Active Brake Assist 4. This system detects potential accident hazards including stationary objects and as a world ‘first’ also spots pedestrians stepping off pavements into the truck’s path.

The trucks also feature Proximity Control Assist, which intervenes automatically within the cruise control setting to restrict speed and maintain a pre-set distance from the vehicle ahead.


Our drivers are often on the road for several weeks. We want them to feel comfortable when on the road. The truck should be like a home from home.

The stage trucks from Mercedes-Benz therefore have the GigaSpace cabins, which have 2.13m headroom and provide our drivers separate areas to work, sleep and live.

It’s important for overall comfort to be able to have different areas for different activities.

Here’s a picture of some of the new stage trucks at the truck depot.

Stagefreight trucks

Our Fleet

While we’re very excited about the new additions to our fleet, we’re still highly proud of our existing fleet, which consists of 80 specialist trucks. All of which have Euro 6 emission efficient engines.

35 of our stage trucks are tractor units with 80% of these being from Mercedes-Benz. We’re steadily expanding and growing our fleet.

The environment and health & safety will always be key to our fleet decisions and choices. If you’re interested in finding our more about our policies, take a closer look at them here.

We’re not the only ones proud of our fleet, though. Our drivers often share pictures of the stage trucks while travelling around the world.

Here are some images sent in by our team:

Stagefreight Trucks At Event

Stagefreight truck on the road

Trucks and drivers ensure we can do, what we do for our customers – namely helping them put their shows or event on the road.

No matter where in world you need to transport your show or event equipment to, we can help. We’ve even been all to the way to the Arctic, so there’s really nowhere we can’t quote you a transport contract for.

If you need specialist stage trucks for your event transport, then give us a call today (0113 797 898) or take a closer look at our services here.

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