The 6 biggest challenges of equipment transport

Stagefreight’s varied client list means we take on plenty of different equipment transport jobs. That’s why we’ve decided to round up some of the things we’re entrusted with—including a few you might not expect!

1. Band stage equipment

stage with overhead lighting

The key concern with band stage equipment transport is protecting it in transit. Lighting equipment is a big area of concern, since it can be very delicate. We also need to think carefully about when we’ll load (and unload) the equipment, as we need to set up the equipment as quickly as possible when it arrives.

You can learn more about what we transport in our A–Z of band stage equipment. It has a detailed rundown of what ‘band stage equipment’ means in practice.

2. Specialist stage equipment

people jumping
Pepperland had its performers (and audiences) jumping for joy.

As you might expect, most stage equipment has something to do with sound or lighting. However, from time to time we need to transport something a bit more unusual.

One of our previous clients was Dance Consortium, who used a unique trampoline floor during their Mark Morris Pepperland production tour. This floor needed specialist assembly (and disassembly) and we also needed to load it strategically with the show’s costumes, lighting and audio equipment. Our organisation skills really came to the fore, as we had to drive straight to Edinburgh after the Bradford leg was completed.

You can read more about our work on Dance Consortium’s Mark Morris Pepperland tour in our exciting behind-the-scenes Pepperland case study.

3. Art exhibitions

cans stacked in a pile

Theatre and music events are the things we’re best known for, but we also transport goods for corporate events. A recent example comes from the Clayton Cardiff hotel, who needed help with goods for an art exhibition! The exhibition featured art pieces made from recycled items, and required careful transport as a result.

We’re always open to specialist requests for corporate events, so don’t be afraid to get in touch. We love outside-the-box ideas (though we ensure the goods stay inside the box during transport).


lego buildings

Yes, you read that right; LEGO sculptures are a frequent component of corporate event trucking. They’re a popular choice for marketing conferences, brand launches and a whole range of corporate events. They come in all shapes and sizes, too; we’ve seen sculptures using anywhere between 10,000 and 800,000 pieces! We’re very careful when it comes to loading and unloading these plastic masterpieces, and we keep loose bricks and bare feet far apart. We’re professional like that.

For an example of the sort of stuff we transport, check out these amazing sculptures created for the Martin Mere Wetland Centre.

5. Specialist transport jobs

BFG going to Primrose Hill

But LEGO isn’t even the weirdest thing we transport. As you can probably guess we’ve moved some weird and wonderful items, but one recent job took the biscuit (or rather cake, in this instance).

A previous job saw us working with Mr Kipling and Michelle Sugar Art; these two had teamed up to launch a new Roald Dahl cake range. As part of the launch, the two had created a 7-metre tall sculpture of the BFG, made from 7,500 cakes! Our job was to get the sculpture to the top of Primrose Hill in London’s Regent Park. The task took three days to complete, as well as some innovative thinking. Luckily, no cakes were harmed in the process.

Read more about our adventure in our BFG case study.

6. Timing

person holding stopwatch

Although we’re responsible for lots of different stuff, our jobs all have one thing in common—a strict focus on timing. Our transport jobs cover live events, theatre tours and corporate events and just like the entertainment industry they have to run like clockwork, since the show can’t go on without the stage equipment.

Besides planning the most efficient routes, we need to consider other challenges like unforeseen traffic problems. That’s why all our drivers get specialist training in planning routes and taking a proactive approach to solving unforeseeable travel challenges. As such, our team never misses their cue and arrives on time, every time.

We’re also trained to drive in an eco-friendly manner. Read more about our eco-friendly stage trucking fleet for details.

Your carriage awaits

We hope you’ve found this overview of our equipment transport informative! We’ve faced some interesting challenges as part of our event transport services, and we look forward to plenty more in the year ahead.

Wondering if we can help you with your own transport needs? Take a closer look at our Services page to get a more in-depth look at what we offer. You can also call us directly on 0113 238 0805.

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