What Makes An Event Transport Company? The People Behind It

At Stagefreight we like to make sure we tailor transport support to our individual clients and that our whole team can help you every step of the way.

To give more insight into who we are as a stage and event transport company, we’d like to introduce two of our team members today:

Meet Chris: Director at Stagefreight

Chris has been a driver for 35 years and is celebrating his 30th anniversary at Stagefreight.

He’s no longer a driver and instead supports Ian as Director and Head Mechanic.

As Head Mechanic Chris looks after all truck maintenance and makes sure that all servicing is complete.

This ensures that we can support you with your events and show productions at short notice and planned in advance.

Chris Adgie Stagefreight Staff Pic

In his role as Director, Chris supports Ian with overall admin tasks and advises new customers on what truck and trailer options are best for their event.

When Chris was a driver he specialised in stage transport for ballet and opera.

Some interesting trends he’s noticed over the 20 years he was in this field, is that opera used to dominate the large stage sets.

While, in comparison, ballet tended to opt for smaller sets.

Ballet’s overall popularity has grown over the years and equally large sets as in opera are now the norm in ballet.

Being used to both helped Chris quickly adapt to the growing trend in ballet, as he was used to the set needs of opera.

Chris himself likes ballet due to the relatable stories told through this art form.

He’s just one of the key people needed to keep our event transport company running on track.


Meet Daz: Stagefreight Driver

Daz is one of Stagefreight’s friendly drivers and while knowledgeable about all event transport, he most often supports with corporate events across the UK and in particular Europe.

Off-loading and event set-up support is part of the service at Stagefreight and Daz quickly becomes an important part of the event team.

Daz StageFreight Driver Staff Pic

So much so that some clients have specifically asked for him as a driver for their recurring events.

As each corporate event is 4-5 days long, Daz will often look after a maximum of three clients per Europe tour.

Travelling here and there around the world in a highly time efficient manner is what Daz is known for and as a little hobby, he keeps a diary to track where he’s been.

He’s supported events in Rome, Barcelona (x2), Benidorm, Munich, Prague, Copenhagen, Madrid, Warsaw and Amsterdam (x3).

And that’s just a few examples of 2016 and 2017 (so far).

Daz and StageFreight Truck

So, as you can see it’s not just Director, Ian, who has the 411 of stage and event transport down, there’s also a very experienced team supporting him.

If you’re looking for an expert event transport company, get in touch with Stagefreight today or browse our Services page to see what we can do for you.

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