The A-Z of band stage equipment transport

Last year was a huge success for music tours across the UK and Europe.

Stars like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Pink dominated Pollstar’s Top 100 Worldwide Tours.

But if you’re aiming to be in this top 100 list yourself one day, you’ll want to get your first big band tour on the road.

Not sure where to start?

No worries; we’ve put together the A-Z of band stage equipment transport to help, so the first tour is stress-free for you.

A is for audio plan

Get someone experienced with acoustics and setup to help you plan your perfect audio. Microphones, PA systems, front of house systems and foldback systems aren’t cheap, so you’ll want to know that these are all in safe hands.

B is for band gear weight

How much does your band gear weigh?

For fuel-efficiency and overseas travel, you’ll need to know that. Or your music transport crew will need to know that.

Also, never underestimate the importance of securing the band equipment in proper road cases. We’ll get back to this in “L” for load-out strategy.

Drummer with drum kit

E is for extras

It’s not just the equipment that needs to go with you! Don’t forget about the stage gear, lighting and props. There are also extras like carts and casters to make load-out easier and more time-efficient.

L is for load-out

A sound load-out strategy helps you stay on schedule. Our drivers are pros at this and get fully stuck in with the production crew. It’s like having a driver and roadie in one.

Anyone having to sort the build down of the drums in a rush knows how good it is to have some back up with this.

Stagefreight truck getting loaded

M is for music

Don’t forget about the music. It’s what it’s all about. Let the transport pros worry about the route and you worry about your sound.

P is for planning

Get some tips on this early on. Talk to your equipment transport team as early as possible to get tips on what truck size you need, as well as costs and tips for making the tour as cost-effective and fuel-efficient as possible.

S is for security

This isn’t just about insurance (though Stagefreight does have a fully comprehensive insurance policy for all our trucks and warehouses, which you can find out more on here), but about ensuring a security-focused transport plan.

Knowing where your schedule will take you and what parking up options there are shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to having a stress-free tour.

R is for road cases

These are also referred to as truss cases, and they make all the difference to music transport. They’re expected in music transport and keep instruments and equipment safe.

Road cases are also great for ensuring load-out happens swiftly.

T is for Tetris and tall amps

Ever been faced with an empty trailer, a stack of road cases and an incredibly short timeframe to get things in? Our team know how to stack. They’re basically Tetris pros.

You can rest assured that we’ll take care of everything from tall amps to unique props.

tall amp and guitarrist

You’ll be amazed by how much fits into our trailers, especially our unique urban trailers.

U is for urban trailers

Through over 25 years of music transport experience, we’ve found that a trailer specifically designed to get around the tight city streets but still be able to hold the same amount of equipment is essential.

Our director, Chris, designed our unique urban trailers that are 33 foot, while having the same capacity as the 45s. Intrigued by the design? Read all about it in our urban trailers article. 

Z is for Zzzzs

The gig is over, the load-out’s complete and you’ve enjoyed the after party. It’s a job well done all round.

Time to go and catch some Zzzzs. You’ve earned it.

If you’re keen to get your music tour on the road, but don’t want to worry about the music transport details, give us a call on 0113 238 0805 today.

Our team is trained in the A to Z of band equipment transport, so let us worry about the transport so you can focus on the music.

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