Behind the Scenes of Pepperland

Pepperland at the Alhambra Theatre Bradford

Dance Consortium toured across the UK with the Mark Morris Pepperland production from March to May in 2019.

Our driver Ian Lowe was on hand to complete the theatre transport for the tour as the lead driver for Dance Consortium, but we also let the marketing team loose to get a bit of a behind the scenes insight.

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Show background

Pepperland is a collaboration between choreographer Mark Morris and composer Ethan Iverson that premiered at Liverpool’s Sgt Pepper at 50 festival in 2017. The production has been wowing audiences ever since its premiere.

The crew

Choreography – Mark Morris

Set design – Johan Henckens

Costume design – Elizabeth Kurtzman


Mica Bernas, Sam Black, Karlie Budge, Brandon Cournay, John Eirich, Domingo Estrada Jr., Lesley Garrison, Lauren Grant, Sarah Haarmann, Deepa Liegel, Aaron Loux, Laurel Lynch, Dallas McMurray, Minga Prather, Brandon Randolph, Nicole Sabella, Christina Sahaida, Billy Smith, Noah Vinson


Clinton Curtis, Colin Fowler, Jacob Garchik, Ethan Iverson, Brian Krock, Rob Schwimmer, George Shevtsov, Vinnie Sperrazza


20 March – 1 May (44 days)

No. of Trucks

1 (with Ian Lowe)

Additional Services

UK theatre transport


UK and Ireland: London, Bradford, Edinburgh, Canterbury, Cardiff, Plymouth, Southampton, Norwich, Newcastle, Dublin


The marketing lot were set lose to take a look around backstage before the show and watched the build down action afterwards.

But the Dance Consortium lead driver, Ian Lowe, was on hand to make sure everything stayed on track.

Mark Morris Pepperland backstage collage

Build Down

Here’s the backstage crew in action after the show.

The spring floor, lighting, wardrobe, props and sound are all carefully prepped for the load.

Mark Morris Pepperland build down collage

The Load

The load was carefully planned out between Ian and the crew.

Bradford’s Alhambra has a handy bay load lift.

The plan was to get out on the road for Edinburgh as soon as possible.

Mark Morris Pepperland load collage with bay

Mark Morris Pepperland load collage crew shots

A special thank you 

Stagefreight would like to send special thanks to Johan Henckens (set design), Mike Faba, Rory Murphy,  Stephanie Sleeper for allowing us to send the marketing lot for this behind the scenes insight. The whole team was very welcoming and marketing can’t stop telling us about it.

We’d also like to thank the staff at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford.