BFG cakes comes to London

Ever had to get a 7 metre tall cake statue to London? 

Well, it was a bit of a different one for us, too, but the team was up for the challenge.

Find out how we supported Michelle Sugar Art and Mr Kipling get the BFG cake masterpiece from Kent to the top of Primrose Hill in London.

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Mr Kipling teamed up with Michelle Sugar Art to launch the new Mr Kipling Road Dahl cakes in style.

The plan was to have a 11 foot tall Big Friendly Giant made entirely out of Mr Kipling cakes surprise Londoners by appearing at dawn on top of Primrose Hill.

Our job?

Get the scrumptious-looking giant from Michelle’s studio in Kent to Primrose Hill for daybreak! 

No problem!

Our driver, Ant Hayes, was tasked with the following challenges:

  • Getting the BFG out of Michelle’s studio
  • Manoeuvring the giant across uneven ground onto the trailer 
  • Guarding the cakes whilst they cooled in the trailer (Foxes and other wildlife are big Mr Kipling cake fans)
    • It was important to let the cakes cool once inside the trailer to ensure there were no cake puddles 
  • Not letting any potholes of London’s lorry route cause any damage to the BFG
  • Guiding the forklift through London’s Regent Park to Primrose Hill 

However Ant is no stranger to unusual or unique loads.

Previously he’s transported 250 tonne power modules, helicopter propellers and even a giant teapot for Yorkshire Tea.


3 days

No. of Trucks

1 truck, 1 forklift & 1 support truck

Additional Services

7.32 metres tall, 7,500 cakes, 1 mile trek through a park. Top Task: don't drop a cake!!!


UK (Kent to London)

Project Timeline:

To give an idea of what was considered, here are some key moments from the project:

  • 20:30 start to meet the BFG at Michelle’s studio in Kent
  • Finishing touches (glaze) added to the BFG cake art by Michelle
  • Ant assesses how to get the masterpiece through the studio doors, over the road and into the trailer

(This included a quick custom-made ramp, a lot of teamwork, strategic use of the forklift truck and a close eye on the roof of the studio)

  • Truck is stabilised to ensure BFG can be lifted in
  • Straps system is devised that holds things steady without touching the cakes!
  • BFG cools in truck before starting the journey into London
  • Support truck leads the way on London lorry route to warns of uneven roads and potholes
  • It’s 5:00 am! The trek to reach Primrose Hill begins
  • 6:00 am photo shoot with The Mirror
  • 12:00 pm time to pack-up again (It’s 32 degrees and the BFG is melting!)
  • Next day back in Leeds in time for a brew and a well done

It was one of the best projects I’ve worked on so far

  • Ant Hayes

A big well done to Ant Hayes, who ensured the culinary masterpiece got to its destination on time while taking good care of the Big Friendly Giant.

Please note no cakes were harmed during the transportation of this cake giant.

bfg kipling statue being forklifted up Primrose Hill London