The Most Iconic Valentine’s Theatre Shows

Love is in the air this February and what better way to celebrate than with an iconic theatre show? As experts in stage transport, we’ve gathered some top theatre shows to inspire your Valentine’s celebrations.

The Phantom of the Opera

If you want a classic theatre production, The Phantom of the Opera is a great choice. An epic tale of magic, mystery and romance, it’s one of the longest-running stage shows the world has ever seen. It also boasts a few stage transport challenges, like the grand chandelier and the subterranean gondola that immortalises the show.

Writing in The Guardian, Emma Brockes said that Phantom ‘is sweepingly, swooningly, poignantly over the top and like all the best musicals, will both soothe and transport you.’

We couldn’t agree more.

You can book tickets at

Or if you’re looking for a theatre transport company which can handle a chandelier, then give us a buzz.

The Lion King

If you need a more family-friendly stage show, The Lion King is an obvious choice. The hit stage adaptation of Disney’s 1994 film first opened in the UK back in 1999. Other Disney musicals have come and gone, but The Lion King‘s still going strong in 2018.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the story needs almost no introduction. This epic tale of betrayal, royalty and romance on the Serengeti has been a hit since its debut.

The stage show boasts beautiful lighting, extravagant costumes, and all the film’s hit songs including, of course, ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’

You can get tickets for this show now at the Lyceum Theatre.

Twelfth Night

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous this Valentine’s Day, Shakespeare’s famous play may be just what you’re looking for. Twin siblings Viola and Sebastian are separated in a shipwreck, and make their way to the land of Illyria. Upon disguising herself as a man, Viola becomes entangled in a love triangle with the Duke Orsino and the Countess Olivia. A hilarious comedy of errors ensues with enough romance to be an iconic Valentine’s theatre show.

2018’s production takes place Stratford-upon-Avon, where the Bard himself was born. If you can’t make it to the theatre, you can watch the production live at selected cinemas on Valentine’s Day.


Want to take a leap into the unknown? Beginning, a new play by David Eldridge, might be just what you’re looking for. It offers a sober, grounded take on relationships that sets it apart from other romantic plays.

After a housewarming party, Laura, a 38-year-old managing director, finds herself alone with friend of a friend Danny, a 42-year-old middle manager. The two seem to have little in common; they’re worlds apart in terms of politics and living situations. But as the evening progresses, Laura and Danny discover neither is as different- or accomplished- as they appear to be.

The play also boasts an impressive set that brilliantly brings the play’s setting- a North London flat- to life. Strewn with lights, streamers and discarded drinks, it’s not hard to become invested in this little slice of realism.

The play runs throughout February at London’s Ambassador Theatre.

Hedda Gabler

Looking for an anti-Valentine’s Day theatre show? Henrik Ibsen’s tale of doomed romance and failed ambition is the perfect antidote to February’s lovey-dovey atmosphere.

General’s daughter Hedda has just returned from her honeymoon, and is (unhappily) married to academic George Tesman. After reuniting with Eilert, an old flame, Hedda grows jealous of Eilert’s new partner and resolves to come between them… with disastrous results.

Newcastle’s Theatre Royal production does a lot with a little. The result is an understated but effective set, and the play has gotten glowing reviews from The TimesRadio Times and The Guardian. Book tickets now at the Theatre Royal website.

Whatever your tastes, there’s plenty of theatre shows to look forward to this Valentine’s Day. And whether your show is as grand as a Andrew Lloyd Webber production or as restrained as Ibsen, Stagefreight can help bring your production to life.

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