The Most Important Healthcare Trade Exhibitions across Europe

At Stagefreight, we transport event equipment and props for many different clients.

But we aren’t just about the glitz and glamour of stage shows and music festivals. We’re experts in exhibition transport, including exhibitions for the healthcare industry.

That’s why we’ve highlighted some of the top healthcare trade exhibitions in Europe. These are perfect examples of the types of exhibitions we can help you with.


Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th of March, Hanover

exhibition transport Hanover

This event is self-described as the nursing industry’s flagship fair. It’s the perfect opportunity for exhibitors to show off their products and services.

Last year’s show attracted 27,000 visitors and over 650 exhibitors. 90% of visitors would also recommend Altenpfledge to others.

The exhibition features four halls of exhibitors, each one dedicated to a different area of nursing. Whether you’re interested in furnishings, mobility aids, kitchen equipment or IT solutions, there’s sure to be a hall you’re interested in.

There are also presentation opportunities at the Altenpfledge connect facilities, which let you present your company and ideas to an interested audience.

Learn more at the official Altenpfledge website. A downloadable brochure is also available.

Dental Expo 2018

Thursday 8th to Saturday 10th of March, Amsterdam

exhibition transport Amsterdam

This ‘integrated platform for dental care’ runs every two years, with a special focus on dental products, information and services. They work to connect and inspire the Netherlands’ dental industry, and it has a lot to offer all of its visitors.

People coming to the exhibition can check out equipment for dental technology, prostheses, laboratory materials, business services and much more.

There is also an extensive program of seminars on topics like teeth whitening, understanding privacy rules and the benefits of dental professionals digitising their dental practices.

As an added bonus visitors to the event will receive a ‘smart badge’ that eliminates the need for heavy brochures.

Touch it to an exhibitor’s badge reader, and you will receive an email with the details of the exhibitors you visited!

For more details, visit the official Dental Expo website.

Infarma 2018

Tuesday 13th to Thursday 15th of March, Madrid

exhibition transport Madrid

This event is dedicated to the European pharmacy industry, focusing on over-the-counter medicines and related products.

It’s actually divided into two separate events; one is to meet suppliers and learn about the latest products and technologies. The other one acts as a meeting point for discussion of current professional issues.

The Medicine and Parapharmacy Exhibition offers dozens of exhibitors, a variety of stand options and products from all corners of the pharmacy industry.

Meanwhile, the European Pharmacies Conference will host speakers from around the world, addressing the key issues in the world of pharmacy today.

People in this industry can look forward to an event firing on all cylinders! For full details, visit the official Infarma website.

Africa Healthcare Summit

Tuesday 6th to Wednesday 7th of March, London

exhibition transport london

This event is Africa’s largest healthcare event in Europe. Taking place at London’s Royal Institute, it begins with a conference of more than 100 speakers from African healthcare institutions.

The exhibition, meanwhile, offers distributors from 23 different countries, including big names like Canon.

The exhibition is part of the 5th annual Africa Healthcare Week, a scheme to improve African healthcare in the wake of significant economic and population growth.

It’s an excellent opportunity for companies to do business in a booming market! Learn all about it at the official website.


Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th of April, Bologna

exhibition transport bologna

This Italian exhibition is focused on innovating the healthcare system.

Described as ‘an opportunity for business, knowledge and professional growth,’ it showcases the latest products and services the Italian healthcare industry has to offer.

More than 600 companies will be attending, with 11 exhibiting areas and over 230 workshops for visitors to attend.

The event is suitable for people working at all levels of Italian healthcare, including GPs, lecturers, researchers and healthcare workers. For a full programme of events visit the official Exposanita website.

CPhI Worldwide

Tuesday 9th- Thursday 11th of October, Madrid

This event is pitching itself as ‘the world’s leading pharmaceutical platform.’

More than 45,000 people and 2,500 exhibitors will be attending the event over three days.

It’s an excellent place to maintain business relationships, forge new ones in emerging markets and mingle with people from more than 150 countries.

The event also offers a series of in-depth seminars on relevant topics; all of these are free to access, and presented from a non-commercial perspective.

From pharmaceutical packaging to mergers and acquisitions, to the latest technological developments, they’re the perfect way to keep your finger on the industry pulse.

Visit the official website here for more details.

Medica 2018

Monday 12th- Thursday 15th of October, Düsseldorf

A world-leading trade fair for the medical industry, this event promises to be an excellent choice for all healthcare professionals.

Hundreds of exhibitors will be filling the exhibition halls, with many different countries represented.

From Argentina to Vietnam, you really will be spoilt for choice.

Its biggest draw is the range of forums and conferences that it has to offer. Attendees can learn all about the latest advances in the world of medicine, from wearable technologies in sport and healthcare, hot topics in diabetology, disruptive technologies like virtual reality, and much more besides.

For full details, visit the Medica 2018 website.

This is just a sample of the most important healthcare trade exhibitions across Europe.medical exhibitions running in Europe over the next few weeks. And it’s a great example of the exhibitions we can help you organise.

Our drivers can support you through the exhibition and perform a wide variety of tasks. If you’re exhibiting abroad, we will handle all the relevant paperwork and documentation. We can even add your branding to our trailers, giving your event some added promotion. Take a look at our exhibition transport service page for more details.

Or visit our Contact Us page to get in touch, and take the first step toward an amazing exhibition!

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