Film and TV Transport for Sky One’s Intergalactic

Intergalactic is a sci-fi drama programme, produced for Sky One and scheduled for broadcast in 2021. Filming took place at Manchester’s Space Studios and Spain’s Mini Hollywood, which meant a time-sensitive travel solution was essential.


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Taking place in the 23rd century, the show follows Ash—a young flight cadet wrongly imprisoned in an interstellar empire. She goes on the run with a motley gang of women following a prison break.

Stagefreight undertook a double drive down and back to ensure the show remained on schedule. They transported the show’s wardrobe and props to Spain, and also supported the film team while on location overseas.

Job Details

With travel between the UK & Spain and a tight production schedule, the transport job posed significant challenges. We needed to undertake a double drive, which meant bringing on more staff than usual. We moved between the locations as quickly as possible since time was extremely tight.

With over thirty years of film transport experience, we were able to stick closely to the required schedule. This ensured that filming could begin on time.



3 weeks

No. of Trucks

6 trucks, 14 vans

Additional Services

TV and film set transport


Spain (Mini Hollywood)

Creative Team

Intergalactic was written by award-winning showrunner Julie Gearey, who has previously worked on shows like Cuffs, Coronation Street and Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Kieron Hawkes directed the show, while Gearey, Will Gould, Iona Vrolyk, Frith Tiplady, Matthew Read, Richard Foster and Tony Moulsdale acted as executive producers. 

Production Companies

Supporting Companies

An All-Star Cast

  • Ash Savannah Steyn
  • Tula Sharon Duncan-Brewster
  • Candy Eleanor Tomlinson
  • Arch Marshall Rebecca Harper Parminder Nagra

 wild west film set with camera and crew

Filming Locations

UK filming took place at Manchester’s Space Studios, which was purpose-built for high-end TV & film production. It first opened in 2014, and has hosted productions like Cold Feet, Dragons Den and Mount Pleasant

Spain’s filming took place at Oasys Mini Hollywood in Almeria. A popular location for wild west-themed productions, it was built for the 1965 film For a Few Dollars More. Since then it has appeared in films like The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, as well as TV shows like Doctor Who

Blasting Off Again 

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person looking up at intergalactic star constellation